Want notice rights as Event Owner?

Event Owner, we can add you as “Event Owner” in ! MAAM ! with notice rights (twice a week) if you guarantee there is going to be Mesh Body&Head compatible items at the event and rez out our group joiner VISIBLE at the event location. After being approved your event information will be added here on blog as well.

Contact owner of ! MAAM ! MetteKenzo Nagy or GM Muza Waco to get event permission, ! MAAM ! Logo and group joiner.

Please note! We have a one time fee of $L500 (per event) for event owners that needs to be paid to MAAManiac Resident. Then please send us a notecard with event information, landmark and logo.

Looking forward to hear from you.
♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of ! MAAM !


Guidelines for Event Owners

Allowed to post notices twice in ! MAAM ! every week. If you need someone else to post for you let us know. Only 1 representative per event. (You’re not allowed to post about the event in group chat).

Always make sure ! MAAM ! group joiner is visible at the event location.

Make sure to let us know if the event changes location. We need to know so we can keep our blog updated with your info as well. Also if you have new dates every month – we will update this on blog when you let us know.

MAAM reserves the right to ban any user from our group in perpetuity without prior written notice if our guidelines has been abused in any way. Furthermore we reserve the right to change our guidelines as we see fit.

If you have any questions or updates for blog post,
contact MetteKenzo Nagy or GM Muza Waco.

♥ Mette
Owner / Founder of ! MAAM !