Maitreya Lara Mesh Body Update

Latest Maitreya Lara Mesh Body Update

Maitreya Lara

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 3.5 Update
Released February 18th, 2016

  • Updated for the new alpha auto-hide script. Items with the new alpha auto-hide script now also un-hide when detached.
  • More grouped alpha buttons on the HUD
  • Hands and feet can now also be hidden on the HUD

If you don’t receive the update automatically or accidently decline it.
Don’t worry. Try to detach the body and re-attach it. Or try to relog.

If none of the above gave you an update. You’ll have to go Maitreya Mainstore
(Note! Redelivery Terminal is on the counter – zoom in to hit the right button).
Please be patient especially around update releases – we all know everyone wants to get it at the same time. So I recommend you all try the first steps I mentioned above.

If you any inquiries about the update please contact Maitreya’s Owner Onyx LeShelle.

♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of !Maitreya Maniacs!

How to replace links on Firestorm

Many of us save lots of outfits with our mesh body – here is an easy way to fix it so you don’t get a new update every time you wear an outfit with the “old” body.

Do you know how to open a 2nd inventory window?
Open inventory/click on inventory tab/new window
Now open the old Lara folder in one window and the new folder in the 2nd
Then you have to rightclick on each body part in the old folder ….
rightclick /select replace link / a little window/target box opens …..
then you drag the same NEW bodypart from the NEW folder into that target box
and click start …
and it will replace any link you have made with that bodypart

Works like a charm!

♥ Mette


Or Read Here -> Firestorm Link Replacement

NOTE: This function is handy if you also have broken links in inventory that you wish to repair.


The preset skins in the Lara HUD are Glam Affair skins. Buttons from L to R are: Pearl, Arctic, Europa, Asia, America, Jamaica, Exotic, India, Tropic and Africa