How to get transaction history…

Contact store owner/issues with product purchased or requesting redelivery

Always check the store owners profile for contact information ….some say its ok to contact them in IM if they are online – but yes most prefer you put everything, including the transaction history of your purchase in a notecard.

I’ve noticed many do not know how to get the transaction history …so I hope this will help you:

  1. Please go to the website Second Life Login
  2. Login with your Second Life name and SL password.
  3. Choose under “Account” the section “Transactions History” (4th button on the left).
  4. A list of all your purchased items will appear.
  5. Copy and paste the Transaction history of the not delivered item into a notecard and send it to the store owner to request re-delivery or mention other issues with the product.
  6. Now please be patient after sending the notecard to the store owner. I know it can be frustatrating because ex. you wanted to wear this item for a special occassion, but please keep in mind store owners are not in Second Life 24/7, they all have a Real Life to take care of as well, please give them time to get back to you, thank you!

Have a fabulous day,
♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of !MAAM!