How do I get the Omega Relay?

Join this group, Omega Applier Systems – Support (copy/paste link into local chat):
Join fee 5L

TP Inworld:

Click on teleport hub/ Choose Ladies Kit / Jump on teleporter

Find the Maitreya Lara Logo – find the “purple” Maitreya Lara Kit ” below it and rightclick and pay 50L (while wearing their group tag).

You need to unpack the box …in the folder you get is a relay that you need to add every time you want to use Omega appliers with Lara. You can’t use Omega appliers without the relay. Many of us wear the relay all the time but once you have applied clothing with the applier you don’t have to keep the relay on your screen until next time you want to use Omega appliers.

MP: (99L)