Group Chat / Notices

We try to reach and please all our members by sending out notices with offers, gifts, MM’s and LC’s for Female and Male mesh bodies & heads. It has come to our attention that some of you don’t like the many notices being send out nor group chat. Which is kinda the purpose with the group ….sharing deals, gifts, Midnight Mania Boards, Lucky Boards etc.

However I must once again emphasize that ! MAAM ! is not freebie group. It’s a fun group created for those who own or will potentially own a mesh body and head! Where designers and members share great deals/sales, even lucky boards/Midnight Mania’s and yes sometimes gifts that are all Mesh Body or Head compatible.

Calling a designers notice spam is downright rude and will not be tolerated. Maybe you joined the wrong group for the wrong reason? Weird enough we never hear anyone complain about a gift being posted in a notice.
Do one of the following or just close the window and move on with your day, thanks!


We suggest you turn off notices as follows:

Simply open group profile, under GENERAL tab un check “receive” notices / and save
(refresh by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left corner of the window)

So if you don’t want to miss all the great deals from our designers etc……You will now have to manually check notices by opening group profile, go to NOTICES tab /either click on DATE or FROM to sort the notices /then scroll through todays notices.

If you just don’t like the notices showing in group chat (on Firestorm) go to preferences/chat/notices and uncheck “show group notices in group chats”/ok

Don’t like GROUP CHAT?

We encourage our members to share great deals/sales, lucky chairs/Midnight Mania Boards, gifts etc. for mesh bodies and heads in group chat as well ….many don’t like group chat is on either so we suggest you turn off group chat if it gets too much in your opinion.
Open group profile, Go to GENERAL tab /un check “receive group instant messages” /and save. (refresh by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left corner of the window)

Hugs ‘n Lots of ♥
Owner / Founder of ! MAAM !