Group Chat Guidelines

Welcome to ! MAAM! (! Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs !)
Updated May 17, 2018

Please keep in mind we are not a support group for all mesh bodies and heads. We (that includes you as a member/designer) help each other out as best as we can …or refer you to either a product support group or the creator of the product. Make sure to keep an eye on the special deals, sales, gifts the wonderful by MAAM approved designers will share in their once a day notices. Don’t miss out! (I want to make clear MAAM is NOT a freebie nor a spam group – we’re just lucky we have some generous designers who like to offer us gifts once in a while!).

Please note! IF you have an issue with any item picked up as a gift or that you purchased from an approved ! MAAM ! designer … contact the designer via notecard if they aren’t online.  NOT the ! MAAM ! owner or staff or in group chat.  We cannot help with product issues. Thank you!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a group where guidelines weren’t needed, however, seeing as we are a purpose driven group, they are indeed necessary. At the same time we want to protect all our members from scams and spam as best we can. They are not up for discussion and failure to read is not an excuse for ignorance nor does it give anyone the right to be a jerk. We are adults, lets act like it.

ALLOWED in group chat:

You can talk about anything for female and male mesh bodies/appearance:
Appliers, Fitted mesh, Mesh Bodies, Heads, Heels, Jewelry, Hair, Eyes, Skin, Makeup, Tattoos, Shapes.

You may ask questions in group chat (be patient for reply – we might have been dragged to RL for a bit or working in Photoshop/Flickr or Facebook) and there might not be another group member around to help you right away. Just repeat the question later on instead, thank you! (or maybe even search for store support group if you can’t wait)

YOU MAY SHARE MM’s and Lucky Boards/Chairs 
Preferable from stores of approved designers in MAAM – click here for list
(do not promote your own store or store you work for*)
Midnight Mania etc. as long as the gifts are for Female or Male mesh bodies. Just try and make the post as short as possible (less detailed). Make sure to mention if the store is in ADULT sim, thanks.

At . MKN . (50L fee (group link) ) MM 1/60 Reese Pinup Dress (FitMesh) LM:

Should you find a special deal on MP, please IM MAAM GM Muza Waco or Owner MetteKenzo Nagy, they will share them for you in a notice with the group – we do not allow those links in group chat.

NOT ALLOWED in chat:

FIRST and FOREMOST … Drama or Rudeness will NOT be tolerated. We are all adults, as such .. ACT LIKE ONE. Info about how to turn off group chat/notices – click here!

*No self-promotion, period
(Do not promote a store you own/work for in group chat)
(Designers & Event owners are also NOT allowed to advertise in chat)

1 time self-promotion/advertising in group chat = banned from group

Please show respect for designers hard work and do not ask in group chat how to make mesh/appliers (search for developer groups instead, thanks)

No posting of Outside of SL links like ! MAAM ! Blog or Flickr, Marketplace,blogs,hunts, gyazo etc.

Criticizing stores/gifts (contact store owner – our group chat is not the place to discuss it)

Please have common courtesy NOT to promote groups like ours in group chat.

Spam/phishing link (instant ban)

Do not share info about the following :

DJs/Clubs/Gambling/Malls/Vehicles/Animations/Breedables/Wearable Pets/Gacha/Yardsales/House/Skybox/Furniture
Land rentals/store rentals/Galleries
Hunt / Events (make sure you have MAAM owners permission)

NO begging, period (instant ban)

Do not ask in group chat for custom work …contact a designer on your own not via MAAM, Thanks!

Let’s keep this PG level, thanks.

Warnings or SL Grid Status Reports – give those to MAAM Staff and let them handle those.

We ask that no member offer free gifts in group chat. With the exorbitant number of copybotters and content theft occurrences we feel it best to prohibit the offerings in chat. When in doubt…ask the ! MAAM ! Team.

Please use Google Translate if you do not speak English. “Unfortunately” !MAAM! Team do not speak all languages in the world. Thank you.

MAAM reserves the right to ban any user from our group in perpetuity without prior written notice if our guidelines has been abused in any way. Furthermore we reserve the right to change our guidelines as we see fit.

In the event that you did read all of these guidelines, Woot Woot .. and have a question about something not covered please IM GM Muza (Muza Waco) or MetteKenzo Nagy, ! MAAM ! Owner/ FounderWe’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Membership fee is a one-time cost of L50. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.