Happy Easter

We want to wish you very Happy Easter, beautiful Spring and all the best for each new day!

Mette and Muza


12 years

Dear Mette, today is your 12th Rez Day!
Thank you for being in SL and giving so much of your RL heart into it.
Always be yourself! We all love you!

All the best Mette!


Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday Muza!!
I know I’m posting this message late …unfortunately we couldn’t
celebrate your birthday on your birthday January 30th.
But I hope you’re feeling better today and we’ll be able to catch up later. 

Muza, I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you, everything you do, you being you, are you aware that soon we’re having our 12 year anniversary???
Well if we survive our 12th rez-day lol …
anyways I wish you all the best ….
I love you sissy!


With love, Mette 

All the Best

We would like to wish you very Merry Christmas, lots of joy and peace.
We wish you lots of happiness in both SL and RL. Have amazing holidays and the best ever New Year!

We want to thank you all for your continuing support and friendship. Thank you for being with us and sharing all great finds about mesh clothes, appliers and accessories! Give us even more! We hope you will be with us in the coming 2019 year and longer! 🙂 ALL THE BEST MANIACS!


best wishes from Mette and Muza

[We are both wearing .: TORI TORRICELLI :. Kelsey Faux Fur Coat + Kelsey Dress.]

Happy Birthday

Today is real birthday of our dear Mette, a special person, one and only!

There are no words to describe my wishes for you, but I hope you know in your heart. All the best of the best to you Mette, and much much more!


Dear Maniacs,

Thank you for being with us and helping us make this group what it is. Each of you is special to us and we wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you! Thank you for the support and your loyalty. We hope you’ll stay with us forever

We wish you all the best in SL and RL. Lots of health happiness and joy! May all your dreams come true


MAAM at Gotham Island Event Hunt

Join us and hunt for Halloween items at Gotham Island Event Hunt

Mette, Majer, Muza, Allie

Over 75 Fashion & Home/Garden creators offering hunt prizes (and EXCLUSIVE items!) from which  100% of proceeds will be donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

It will be open until 31 October

Happy hunting! –> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gotham%20Island/19/164/24


Ladies, and Gentlemen,
our beloved Mette [yes, our Boss 🙂 ] is having a birthday in RL.
Please, join us and send her best wishes, flowers, gifts and all your love as she deserves it all! AND MORE! :))


All the best of the best Sweetheart..

Muza, Majer and all the Maniacs!

Politeness is FREE…

Do not join MAAM just to be obnoxious and rude. As our group description and our group chat guidelines on our blog clearly states we do not tolerate it. Group chat guidelines – click here
And no our fee is non-refundable as also stated …so don’t even go there. Just save your lindens and don’t join. Go to an empty sandbox and shout out your “whatever frustration you deal with” instead.

We (MAAM staff) and the other wonderful MAAM members do not need your drama and rudeness.

Not that I feel like repeating myself – MAAM is NOT a freebie group. So yes there will be notices ….all day …MAAM is a group where designers share their fantastic creations, gifts and more. And you as member share great deals, gifts, Midnight Mania, Lucky boards/chairs you find by exploring SL, chit chat and help each other out as best as we can …or refer to either a product support group or the creator of the product.

Have a fabulous day,
on behalf of ! MAAM ! Team
♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of ! MAAM !