We have joined Facebook

Hello Maniacs!

We have finally joined Facebook, we have made a Facebook group for all of you to join both members & designers, there you will be able to post your great deals & members can get help each other. Join the Facebook group here : !MAAM! Facebook Group

Hope to see you all there and InWorld!

Have a wonderful day/evening/night

Much Love from !MAAM! team

Mette,Muza,Majer and Allie


Information About Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Hello Maniacs!!!

I want to talk about the Mesh Body Addicts Fair and give some information about it.

The Mesh Body Addicts Fair started in August this year, so it’s kind of new in SL, the founder of Mesh Body Addicts Fair is the very awesome Daria Snow. She wanted to make a fair only for mesh bodies, at the Fair you can try demos of all the bodies ect., she also have work shops at this Fair, where you can learn about the mesh body you have, it’s a what I would call self-education. I have been there myself and there are lots of shops there too, with gifts and much more. The fair starts the 20th every second month, this time it’s the 20th October.

When I was there I loved the location of the shops, when you land, you will see all the shops with the mesh bodies, in the middle there are a lot of desks with the work shops for each mesh body, on the second stage all the shops with clothes,skins ect. are located. I will recommend going there and check it out. Also if you love to shop this is the perfect event for you, here is the taxi  Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Happy shopping!


Majer MM!! Moderator