Designer Guidelines


UPDATED (7/29/2018)
>>> Please take a moment and read everything below

before you apply for notice rights, thank you. <<<

Our goal is to provide a platform where owners or potential owners of mesh bodies can find a wide array of exceptional designers offering exceptional quality designs to enhance their beauty.
*We reserve the right to deny any store that we feel does not meet this expectation.  As it pains us to reject any merchant it is necessary to do so from time to time to protect the integrity of the group and to uphold our goal of ‘only the best’ for our members. *

At this time we are NOT accepting stores with or located within the vicinity of the following:

We do not accept stores and Designers who violate any SL TOS or any rules! If you use full perms, be sure to follow all Terms and Conditions.

No Store open less than 6 months
No Stores owned by Avatars less than 6 months old
No Affiliate Vendors, Freebie Stores
No Stores located on the same property within 30 meters of a Club
No Stores located in a Mall or Mini Malls
No Marketplace only stores
No Full Perm Sellers




Be sure to read all the guidelines below prior to filling out the application.  To ensure approval of your application please be sure that you can adhere to  AND your store meets the specified criteria.  By submitting the completed application you agree to all of these terms.

1. You MUST have at least 15 individual items in your store that’s compatible with mesh bodies/heads. (Ads must show logos or names of versions included. Identical items in multiple colors/textures do not count. One crop top in 5 colors is still only 1 item)

2. You, the store owner, MUST subscribe to the ! MAAM ! Designer Updates subscriber.  A landmark will be provided once we have accepted your application.

3. ! MAAM ! group joiner must be rezzed in your store at all times.  We will do sign checks ONCE PER MONTH!  Stores without signs rezzed will receive only one warning before potentially loosing designer tag until it is placed again in the store.

4. ! MAAM ! Designer notice rights will be given to one person, per store. If you have a Business Alt, Store Manager, Partnership or other arrangement, fine with us. Who do you wish to promote your store? Only this person will have notice rights! Both designer and representative needs to subscribe to our designer subscribo after being approved!

5. Only items compatible with female and male mesh bodies can be posted in notices.
Mesh Body/Heads, Hands and Feet, Appliers, Fitted mesh, Heels, Jewelry, Hair, Eyes,
Skin, Makeup, Tattoos, Shapes.

6.You’re allowed to send ONE notice per day!*
NO promotion in group chat! (We will revoke your notice rights 1 week minimum and worst case scenario permanently)

Notices can include any of the following: Gifts, Sales, Dollarbies, Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania, Lucky Boards, New Releases (any price) etc.
(Do NOT use ! MAAM ! to look for store models, bloggers or other designers for your store).
If you have an event you want to promote READ HERE how to obtain notice rights as event owner!
*IF you are announcing a group gift make sure to indicate if it is for your own store group or ! MAAM!, ALSO please note if your group is free to join or has a fee.

7. Please make sure to mention in your notice/adverts if your store is in adult sim or has adult content. Just mark it with “ADULT”.

8. We encourage designers to offer an Exclusive ! MAAM ! Gift to membersIt need not be new but it should not be for sale in your store, nor offered to other groups as a gift, while being offered to the ! MAAM ! members Items can be changed out every 4 to 6 weeks, more often if you like. It increases traffic to your store and draws attention to other deals there as well. Please make sure that the gift is connected to Mesh Avatar Appearance, so it’s not a pose, decoration or a furniture. Thank you for all the gifts. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
*Please send notecard with full perm texture and information on how long the gift will be available to MetteKenzo Nagy or Muza Waco to be placed on the blog ASAP, thank you.
Please also wait with announcing the gifts until they are added on the blog.
Also do NOT promote gifts you’re offering to similar groups in our group, thank you.

9) Relocation/Re-branding of stores happens from time to time. Stores closing. WE NEED TO KNOW!  A compilation of all designer stores is located on this blog for all our members to locate approved designer stores.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we have accurate Slurls for the members.  IF your store moves/closes please go to designer application and make “update to current listing” so we can update the blog. 

10) Understand and acknowledge that failure to abide by these guidelines can result in loss of Notice Posting Rights.  We will not accept ‘I didn’t know!’ as reason to try and bypass the rules.  You will only be warned twice before we take action.

11) Posting Satellite stores located in Malls/Collaboration, Clubs, fairs, Hunts, Events or other events like fund raising is not allowed without prior permission from Muza Waco or MetteKenzo Nagy.

12) Before you apply make sure you understand that our group chat guidelines is for ALL members including designers, and they can be found here ! MAAM ! Group Chat Guidelines for ALL members

13) Do not promote your store until you have been approved!

MAAM reserves the right to ban any user from our group in perpetuity without prior written notice if our guidelines has been abused in any way. Furthermore we reserve the right to change our guidelines as we see fit.

Once you are listed as designer in MAAM you have to update any changes in locations/name brand/store closing etc. via same form as application by checking the box ‘update to current listing’ (please always include a comment to us why you’re updating, thank you!).

Application / Updates to current listing – CLICK HERE!

For any question or problem contact:
GM Muza Waco or Founder MetteKenzo Nagy.

Thank you for your support – We are looking forward to seeing you in ! MAAM !

Lots of ♥,
MetteKenzo Nagy                                                                     Muza Waco
Owner/Founder of ! MAAM !                                               General Manager of ! MAAM !