Welcome all new ‘Maniacs’

! MAAM ! is dedicated to the many, many adorers of the different female and male mesh bodies and heads out there.  Our goal is to provide a platform for current Mesh Body/(Bento) Head owners and potential future owners to locate fabulous bargains, dollarbies, Midnight Mania, freebies and to seek help with mesh body/head related issues.

All of our members are encouraged to share their fabulous finds within chat, however no links outside of SL are allowed under any circumstances.   Please take a moment to read our group chat guidelines. No self-promotion in group chat if you’re not an approved designer, period.

Designers/Event Owners are very welcomed within ! MAAM !  For more information please visit the Designer Guidelines or Event Owner Guidelines page.

We, ! MAAM ! Team, are very grateful for the support that we have received thus far from members and designers.

Much love and gratitude from ! MAAM ! Team Mette, Muza & Majer.

♥ MetteKenzo Nagy
Owner/Founder of ! MAAM !


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYKsjdkdRbw&


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