Politeness is FREE…

Do not join MAAM just to be obnoxious and rude. As our group description and our group chat guidelines on our blog clearly states we do not tolerate it. Group chat guidelines – click here
And no our fee is non-refundable as also stated …so don’t even go there. Just save your lindens and don’t join. Go to an empty sandbox and shout out your “whatever frustration you deal with” instead.

We (MAAM staff) and the other wonderful MAAM members do not need your drama and rudeness.

Not that I feel like repeating myself – MAAM is NOT a freebie group. So yes there will be notices ….all day …MAAM is a group where designers share their fantastic creations, gifts and more. And you as member share great deals, gifts, Midnight Mania, Lucky boards/chairs you find by exploring SL, chit chat and help each other out as best as we can …or refer to either a product support group or the creator of the product.

Have a fabulous day,
on behalf of ! MAAM ! Team
♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of ! MAAM !


2 thoughts on “Politeness is FREE…

  1. I agree, I personally joined MAAM group to see announcements and occasional freebies offered by various vendors. They don’t bother me too much, however I can understand maybe where some of the frustration from members may come from.. at times it seems certain shops post a bit too much for random promos or new items, then if you’re in other similar groups such as fitmesh fanatics, Maitreya body gifts, etc, then these promos sent out by particular creators can seem even more excessive if they also simultaneous post to these other groups, and if seeming for the most mundane or uninteresting/unappealing of an item (in their opinion).

    Anyways, as I mentioned. It doesn’t bother me personally. however I can understand where maybe some of the complaints come from.. especially if a person joined the group solely for the reason they believe it’s a freebie group and are just in it for freebies offered by vendors. To these people, I recommend disabling group notices and/or group chat, So this way they are still in the group to grab freebies when they come across them at a shop, but aren’t getting multiple notices each day.


    1. First off I dropped that part in my post but it’s not the main reason for it.
      I was more referring to the trolls who join the group just annoy others. And then get more than rude in IM when my team and I contact them.
      But yes a lot come in group chat also saying “gosh it’s so annoying with all the notices”, well if they would have read group description they would know there will be many notices – and no I do not encourage anyone to turn of notices unless they actually check notices manually. We’ve had that issue in my old group as well this is also the reason why we added this post under Tips/Information: https://maamaniacs.wordpress.com/group-chat-notices/
      Our group link is in or group description inworld as well – we can’t hold peoples hands all the time ….we send out notices about group chat guidelines and more ….sadly not all take into account what the group is for. Therefore there are tense frictions between those who are in the group for the right reasons (for special deals/sales/chit chat/helping or receive help with their mesh body/head etc.) and those who think it’s a freebie group.

      Many designers/stores are in many groups to promote their products ….so yes their will posts of same product in those groups ….this is the time you decide which reason you join those groups….is it for the new releases or did you just join for the gifts? You can’t really complain to any of the groups over too many posts …since most have a clear description in the group charters.

      Anyways my point is you do not get to join the group just to troll, be rude to others including my team and I ….without the possible banning from group in sight. Pretty simple.


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