maam-happy-new-year-20172017 is upon us!  Or it already has slipped into existence for some of you, depending on where you are geographically in the world.  Regardless .. we hope that you arrived or will arrive, safe and sound.

Each and everyone of us approach the countdown to a new year in different ways.  Some of us with friends, acquaintances at a huge party, maybe with family and friends at home….others alone physically but with the one we love in a virtual world. Take a moment, or two, to reflect on the past 365 days of 2016, do not dwell .. but revel in where you were at the beginning, at where you are now.  Know in your heart that you have grown as a person from all the experiences, good .. bad .. indifferent. These are the gifts given freely to you each and every one of those 365 days that made up 2016.

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery .. Today is the Present .. that’s why it’s a gift. May you all embrace that truth as you pass the threshold from 2016 to 2017.

From !MAAM! Team, we wish you the very best that 2017 can bring.
It’s your year!  Make it so!!

♥ from all of us to all of YOU!!!! Thank you for all your support in 2016!!!

!MAAM! Team
Mette, Muza & Majer


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