Welcome to ! MAAM !

We have decided to change the name of !Maitreya Maniacs to
! Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs ! which gives you as member and the designers more options to share finds, gifts, deals etc. in group.

! MAAM ! is dedicated to the many, many adorers of the different female and male mesh bodies and heads out there.  Our goal is to provide a platform for current Mesh Body/Head owners and potential future owners to locate fabulous deals, dollarbies, Midnight Mania, freebies and to seek help with mesh body/head related issues.

All of our members are encouraged to share their fabulous finds within chat, however no links outside of SL are allowed under any circumstances.   Please take a moment to read our group chat guidelines. No self-promotion in group chat, period.

Designers are very welcomed within ! MAAM !  For more information please visit the Designer Guidelines page.

We, !MAAM! Team, are very grateful for the support that we have received thus far from members and designers.

Much love and gratitude from ! MAAM ! Team Mette, Muza & Majer.

♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of ! MAAM !



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