Yay!!! 11K members milestone surpassed…

We’re lost for words. We can’t express how truly grateful we (!MM! Team) are for your continued support. You all are the BEST. Thank you!

We have just surpassed our 11,000 members milesone!! An awesome gift has generously been offered to you for this special occasion. Kimmy Chronowire (kimmy Humby), owner and designer of Pretty-N-Pink is one of the best designers around today. We are pleased to have her in !MM! as designer and so very thrilled that she designed the exclusive 11,000 member gifts.

Wonderful 11K Gift from Pretty N Pink
Wonderful 11K Gift from Pretty N Pink

Again, with all our hearts, !MM! Team thanks you for your support and generosity. Be you a helpful member, a sharer of great finds or a designer of gorgeous fashions .. we appreciate you all.

You can pick up the 11,000 Member Celebration Gift at Pretty-N-Pink right now!! Just click the store name to catch a ride.

Lots of love and gratitude from !MM! Team, Mette, Muza, Majer & Stacey.

♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of ! Maitreya Maniacs !


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