4,000 Members & Counting

It’s hard to believe that !Maitreya Maniacs! has been established more than 6 months now on the grid.  More unbelievable is that we have managed to reach more than 4,000 individuals who also love the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.  We are thrilled to have each and everyone of you as part of the family.  You all are the backbone of !MM!.  Sharing deals, freebies and gifts.  Offering knowledge and assistance when needed.  Meeting new people, making new friends to share laughter and tears with.  Every single one of your individual contributions is so important to the success of the group.   We really and truly could not do this without you all.  Many thanks for joining us and supporting us.

As you all are aware each !MM! Milestone brings a wonderful gift for the occasion.  We have the great pleasure of having Pinkness Pearl of Pink Pearl Designs design for you all a rockin’ outfit called “Provoke Me”.  Many thanks and much love to Pinkness for her generosity.  We hope you like!

[PPD] Provoke Me - Black - Maitreya Maniacs 4000 Group Gift


You’ll need to wear your !Maitreya Maniacs! tag to get the gift.  It’s available at the Pink Pearl Designs Mainstore.

Check out the Member Gifts page on the blog for other great offerings from the many talented designers.

Again, thank you for supporting !MM!  We love you all!

♥ Mette
Owner/Founder of !MM!



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