New Feature! Designer Spotlight

Every wondered about the person who makes that skin you adore, clothes you feel ‘oh so’ sexy in or the necklace you never take off?  Designing for the fashion industry is a tiring, yet rewarding occupation and the abundance of choices is flabbergasting.  It also comes with a large number of trials and errors, requires patience and creativity beyond the norm.   Often the person behind the design goes unrecognized as being *gasps* human!  Indeed they are and deserve to be recognized as such!

Designer Spotlight has been created to do just that, illuminate the human behind the brand.  Each segment will feature a different designer who has agreed to let us peek inside their life, allow us to know more about them.  Their drive, ambition, selling philosophy, greatest achievement and biggest failure.   It truly takes a special individual to delve into the fashion world in Second Life.  We want to show them our undying appreciation for making us the fabulous, freaky, females we are.  So many flavors of fashion … so many fantastic creators …

Our first glimpse into the life and times of a fashion designer comes from the duo behind Pink Cherry, Crusher Mills and JaneDark Miles.  Long time friends and now successful business partners happily offers up some of their time to make acquaintance with all of you.  They are both lovely ladies and super friendly.  It was a great pleasure to get to know them, we hope you enjoy the interview.

Designer Spotlight can be found under !MM! Designers with each interview having its own page that can be read at leisure, pictures were kindly offered so you can even get a glimpse of these sexy ladies.

Without further ado ….  Chat with Crusher Mills & Jane Dark Miles of Pink Cherry

We hope you enjoy this new feature of !Maitreya Maniacs!

♥ Mette


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