Hello Maamaniacs!

Welcome to all our new (and to those not so new) Maamaniacs!
Thank you for being so cool!

!MAAM! has been created for those ladies and gents who own or potentially will own the mesh body/head and are looking for a source for great new releases, sales, gifts and freebies for their mesh/bento body/head/hands/feet. It is all about fashion!

Check out our latest EXCLUSIVE Gift just for !MAAM! Members here

All our Approved Designers are listed here Check them out and enjoy the shopping!

If you are more interested in mesh bodies, bento heads, skins, shapes, appliers for bento bodies, check out our other group SL MESH HEADS/BODIES CATALOGUE It is new and still growing.


As the end of the year approaches Linden Lab have been working on improvements to Second Life, including your most requested features such as Name Changes, enhancements of the Marketplace, Events, and Premium Membership.
Here’s a rundown of what to expect, including some important fee changes which will soon take effect.

Read a lot more about it here … Click here



Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday Muza!!
I know I’m posting this message late …unfortunately we couldn’t
celebrate your birthday on your birthday January 30th.
But I hope you’re feeling better today and we’ll be able to catch up later. 

Muza, I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you, everything you do, you being you, are you aware that soon we’re having our 12 year anniversary???
Well if we survive our 12th rez-day lol …
anyways I wish you all the best ….
I love you sissy!


With love, Mette 

All the Best

We would like to wish you very Merry Christmas, lots of joy and peace.
We wish you lots of happiness in both SL and RL. Have amazing holidays and the best ever New Year!

We want to thank you all for your continuing support and friendship. Thank you for being with us and sharing all great finds about mesh clothes, appliers and accessories! Give us even more! We hope you will be with us in the coming 2019 year and longer! 🙂 ALL THE BEST MANIACS!


best wishes from Mette and Muza

[We are both wearing .: TORI TORRICELLI :. Kelsey Faux Fur Coat + Kelsey Dress.]

Happy Birthday

Today is real birthday of our dear Mette, a special person, one and only!

There are no words to describe my wishes for you, but I hope you know in your heart. All the best of the best to you Mette, and much much more!

8K Members Milestone

The love and support you all show on a regular basis is amazing. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you for continuing to make ! MAAM ! the most wonderful group out there for the lovers of mesh bodies/heads. You all are the BEST. Thank you!

We have surpassed our 8000 members milestone!! Two fabulous gifts has generously been offered to you for this special occasion from Darque Clothing Store and MUZA. We are pleased to have them both in ! MAAM ! and so very thrilled that they designed the exclusive 8000 members gifts. A special thank you to Darque Clothing Store and MUZA!

8K Members MAAM Gift from .::Darque Clothing::.
8K Members MAAM Gift -Top with Animated Blinking Eyes from MUZA

Again, with all our hearts, ! MAAM ! Team thanks you for your support. We appreciate you all.

You can pick up the 8000 Member Celebration Gifts at Darque Clothing & MUZA right now!! Just click the store names to catch a ride. Wear your !MAAM! tag. .

Lots of love and gratitude from ! MAAM ! TEAM Mette, Muza & Majer.

♥ Mette
Founder of ! MAAM !